Tips for Eradicating Mosquitoes by the Deputy Regent of Ponorogo Lisdyarita

Ponorogo ( – The large number of residents who are infected with dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF), has made the Ponorogo Regency Government (Pemkab) instruct the community to carry out mosquito nest eradication (PSN). PSN is carried out simultaneously, thereby narrowing the space for mosquitoes to breed. Especially the Aedes aegypti mosquito which is the carrier of the dengue virus.

“We are instructing PSN simultaneously, today all residents work together to clean their environment,” said Deputy Regent (Wabup) Ponorogo Lisdyarita when punching PSN by residents, Friday (21/1/2022).

In addition to conducting a simultaneous PSN review, Ibu Rita, who is also known as Lisdyarita’s close friend, also conducted a review of the fogging implementation. This fogging is only carried out in an environment where the residents have actually been exposed to dengue hemorrhagic fever.

“We are also reviewing officers doing fogging, earlier there were several places where fogging was carried out,” said Lisdyarita.

On this occasion, Lisdyarita also conducted education for its citizens. That the fogging action is only temporary. Where there are cases of dengue in the environment, fogging is carried out for a certain distance. According to him, PSN’s actions must be massive and routine. Because it is important to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. In addition, in the rainy season, he asked residents to maintain cleanliness. Reduce standing water in the environment.

“We also educate the public about the importance of PSN and the 3M steps,” he said.

Regent Lisdyarita also carried out a movement to plant lemongrass. According to him, lemongrass is one of the plants that mosquitoes don’t like. He hopes the community together to plant it in the yard. Planting lemongrass is also an eradication effort with a biological approach.

“In addition to lemongrass for mosquito repellent, it can also be used for cooking spices. I hope the people of Ponorogo start planting it in their yard. Because it is also a form of eradicating mosquitoes,” he concluded. (end/ted)

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