Tim Hofman apologizes for misogynistic texts

In the video, Hofman can be seen making a comment in the camera about Geurts ‘who has to take a picture with everyone because she happens to have slightly bigger tits than the rest of the Netherlands’.

During the interview that follows, he tips the model to ‘show a tit’.

In images glued to it, Hoffman speaks with vlogger Anna Nooshin and he says that at BNNVARA there are regular intimate contacts between colleagues.

‘I am ashamed’

Hofman is now ashamed of the images, he says to the AD. “It was wrong, I’m ashamed of it,” he says. He also explains that the images are about ten years old and partly made during the time that Hofman was before the BNNVARA program Spuiten en Slikken worked.

“It was in 2012: backstage at Spuiten en Slikken. I have learned a lot since then, such as about more such subjects: homophobia, racism, and validism. It was wrong and apologies are appropriate,” says Hofman.

Revelations BOOS

On Thursday, Hofman revealed dozens of cases of sexually transgressive behavior behind the scenes at The Voice of Holland in a special episode of his online program BOOS. Ali B, Marco Borsato and band leader Jeroen Rietbergen, among others, have come under considerable fire.

RTL also immediately stopped the current season of The Voice, and together with producer ITV is conducting an independent investigation into the abuses.

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