Health Tidbit from the World Health.. "Medicine Britain scientific breakthrough"

Tidbit from the World Health.. “Medicine Britain scientific breakthrough”


Last update: Wednesday 25 Shawwal 1441 e – June 17, 2020 KSA 02:25 – GMT 23:25
Date of publication: Wednesday 25 Shawwal 1441 e – June 17, 2020 KSA 23:50 – GMT 20:50

Source: Dubai – Arab.Net

Commending the World Health Organization on Tuesday evening, achieving a “scientific breakthrough” after it was announced British researchers that the medication family of corticosteroids proved effective in saving the lives of patients code 19 suffering from most dangerous symptoms.

He said the Director-General of the organization Tedros Adhanom grew in a statement, “it’s the first sign installed reduces mortality among patients SGRF-19 who breathe by oxygen or artificial respiration devices”.

He added, “This is good news and I congratulate the British government and the University of Oxford and the hospitals and many patients a lot in the UK who contributed to this scientific breakthrough life-saving”.

Saving lives

This Tuesday the promotion hopes to finding a cure for these 19 widely available, inexpensive and with a declaration of two British researchers that the drug “dexamethasone” steroid is capable of saving the lives of one-third of the Egyptians who suffer from the symptoms the most dangerous.

Tested the researchers says their team from the University of Oxford, the property on more than two thousand patient code 19 suffer from serious symptoms, said Peter Horby, a professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases in the Department of Medicine at the University of Oxford, said, “the dexamethasone is the first drug to show improvement in the survival of patients with the virus, this is a very good result”.

He added that “dexamethasone inexpensive web without prescription and can be used immediately to save lives all over the world”.

In a statement, said the World Health Organization said, “the researchers brought to the attention of the World Health Organization on the initial information on the results of the experiment, and we really hope to know the full analysis of the data in the coming days”.

The UN it would conduct “an analysis of next” for the research to improve its guidelines “to reflect how and when the drug should be used” for the treatment of patients SGRF-19.

200 thousand doses ready

For its part, announced the British health minister Matt Hancock, Tuesday, that Britain will start immediately description tonic dexamethasone for patients with these-19, stressing that his country began stocking the property available widely since the first indicators to its effectiveness by 3 months. Saying: “due to that we noticed the first indications to the potential of dexamethasone, store since March”.

He added, “Now we have 200 thousand doses ready for use and we are working with the National Health Service to include treatment of the usual love-19 dexamethasone as of the afternoon”.

To that, Audi ncov B Alpha 250 people at least around the world since its appearance in China in December, according to the census conducted by the AFP based on official sources the previous 19,00 GMT on Tuesday.

Officially registered more than eight million and 90 Alpha 290 injury in 196 countries and regions since the start of the epidemic. Nor do the figures reflect only part of the real number of injuries, since several states do not experience tests detect infection only to develop his entry to the hospital. And among these cases, announced the cooperation of three million and 698 Alpha 500 people at least.



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