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Those accused of selling drugs in Asturias, agreed with the Prosecutor a reduction of sentence | SER Gijón


The Prosecutor’s office has reached a agreement with 36 of the 38 defendants of the crimes of belonging to criminal group and against the public health for those who will be condemned to penalties ranging between a year and six months and 3 years and 6 months in prison for their alleged dedication to the trafficking of cocaine, heroin, and hashish in Asturias, after applying the mitigating factor of addiction.

The two other defendants who have rejected the negotiation of the sentences offered by the prosecution, J. J. A., which he considered as alleged ringleaderand your sister M. L. A., will be courts in the Provincial court from next March 10,by their alleged authorship in two separate offences of money laundering that each one of them faces a demand tax to four years in prison.

The negotiations between the Prosecution and the thirty lawyers of the defenses have focused the first of the six sessions that were scheduled by the court in the Second Section, where the defendants have gone one-on-one, showing your conformity to the charges.

The Prosecutor’s office has toned down the penalties initial, requesting, between 4 and 12 years of imprisonment, to change the qualifications of authorship to complicity to five of the accused, the estimate that his performance in the facts was limited to “occasional and incidental” and in other cases by the application of the mitigating factor of addiction.

Of the 36 defendants who have admitted the convictions agreed upon, five others have given their approval to the arrangements through video conferencing made with the view room of the Hearing of Asturias from the prison of Topas (Salamanca) and the courts of Benidorm, Carmona and Salamanca.

The most benefited of all the defendants has been J. F. T., which faced a request attorney four years jail and that, after the negotiation of your defense attorney Ernesto Tuñón, has succeeded in the office of the Prosecutor to withdraw the indictment against him after acknowledging that “there was a confusion in the identification.”

The considered as alleged leaderJ. J. A. has admitted only in part, its responsibility for the factsas your defense attorney, Luis Tuero, has come to an agreement by the person shall be sentenced to three years and three months in prison for crimes against public health and membership of organised criminal group, but has denied involvement in the crime of money laundering.

The counsel explained at the end of the view that your client does not have any relationship with money launderingbecause the money that was seized in the house of his sister was not from drug trafficking, as argued by the Prosecution, but that belonged to the company of cleaning of your property and that he had removed the money from a bank a few dates before the arrest.

The Office it maintains that the accused belonged to two criminal groups that distributed cocaine and heroin mainly in the towns of asturias in Pola de Lena, Mieres, Polecat, Olloniego, Oviedo and Gijón.

Between these two groups there was an alleged leaderthat was the person in charge of the decision making on the acquisition and distribution of the drug, his lieutenant, that was distributed to the lower rungs, those who acted as “shuttles” to ensure the deliveries and distributors.

Police made several records home where they intervened in total 52,36 grams of cocaine, 1.879 grams of heroin, 492.856 grams of resin cannabis, 75 grams of hashish, 19,05 grams of marijuana, as well as 70 tablets methadone. In addition, they seized money, which amounted globally to 104.362 euros according to the Prosecution coming from the trafficking of drugs, as well as mobile phones, scales of accuracy and cuts plastic.


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