Entertainment Thomas (La Villa 5) and Bryan ready to organize...

Thomas (La Villa 5) and Bryan ready to organize a boxing fight, new details revealed (PHOTO)


This is probably the most WFT information of the beginning of this week! Enemies sworn for several months already, Bryan, who should soon land in The Princes and Princesses of Love 3, and Thomas de La Villa 5 decided to organize an octagon to compete in public in a boxing match. If the two candidates are in open war for some tackles posted on social networks, they seem to agree on their desire to fight, and recently, Bryan surprised everyone by posting new details on this amazing fight, which already promises to be epic …

Supporting official poster, Bryan therefore seems more than ever determined to do battle with his longtime enemy. The proof, the young millionaire leaves six months to train thoroughly, and reach the level of his rival, who we still remember, and several times world champion in his chosen discipline! Even if this operation feels the buzz with full nose for the two candidates of reality TV, we must admit that we would love to see them compete on the ground … In all cases, the announcement will have had the merit of causing a mass reaction from Internet users, but also reality TV candidates on social networks. A few days ago, Vivian of The Battle of the Couples did not hesitate to show his support for Thomas in view of this muscular octagon.



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