this terrible news has just fallen

Jane Birkin gave us a good scare last year, after her terrible stroke. As she slowly climbs the slope, the bad news has just fallen. The singer finds herself once again struck by the disease. The Objeko editorial team tells you everything in this article.

Jane Birkin: back on her stroke

A few months ago, Jean Birkin suffered a terrible stroke. Fortunately, she barely managed to escape. With her advancing age, her health condition has been of concern to her loved ones and fans ever since. The singer is not the only one in her family to have suffered significant health problems. Her ex-husband, the great Serge Gainsbourg, left us after suffering his fifth heart attack. Her daughter Charlotte also suffered a stroke 14 years ago.

The latter told our colleagues from the Team: “I had 150 ml of blood in my head, I narrowly escaped death. A blood vessel in my brain had ruptured. I bled for a month and a half without knowing it”. Fortunately, she managed to get out of it without any sequelae. For his mother, it’s different. Aged 74, she is much less able to recover from such an accident. All of his public appearances for the year 2021 have even been canceled.

Fortunately, his manager, Olivier Gluzman, gave us some good news. In an AFP dispatch, he said: “Jane is in good shape. She overcame her health problems very well. We are opening the ticket office for the Philharmonie in Paris in a few days, postponed to September 18, 2022, which it had to cancel”. Unfortunately, Jane Birkin is again struck by the disease…

The singer struck down by COVID-19

Jane Birkin fans are again very worried about the singer. Indeed, barely recovered from her stroke, and ready to hit the road again, she finds herself having to cancel part of her tour entitled Oh! Sorry, you were sleeping.

Part of his touring team tested positive for COVID-19. We do not know if the singer herself paid the costs. However, with her relatively fragile health, it is preferable that she takes all possible precautions.

Let the fans be reassured, his communication team indicated that “people who have reserved for this show will be reimbursed directly by check as soon as possible”.

As for Jane Birkin’s next tour dates (May 13 in Chartres, May 18 in Borgerhout (Belgium) and May 19 in Lille), we do not yet know if they will be honored or not. However, no announcement has been made at this time. The Objeko editorial team is keeping an eye out for any official press releases from Jane Birkin or her team that might tell us more. And, of course, we want the singer to take care of herself first!

Jane Birkin: the muse from England

Of all the British personalities, Jane Birkin is surely one of the best known and recognized. The Londoner began her career in her country of origin, before trying her luck in our region. She very quickly met a certain Serge Gainsbourg there, on the set of the film Slogan by Pierre Grimblat. It’s love at first sight between the very beautiful actress and the French poet, who has not yet let himself be invaded by his demons. In 1969, the two lovebirds ignited the radio waves with the international hit Je t’aime… moi non plus. It is the beginning of a long career for the muse of the man with the head of cabbages.

Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg had a daughter, the famous Charlotte Gainsbourg, in 1971. The latter, now 50 years old, followed in her parents’ footsteps, having become an internationally renowned actress and singer.

Jean and Serge stay together for 10 years, then end up separating. Their fusional relationship did not stop there, however. Even after the death of Serge Gainsbourg in 1991, the French naturalized singer continues to honor his memory by singing the repertoire he composed for her. Even if it is more rare these days, her career is nonetheless quite impressive, and she remains a very influential star in the musical world.

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