Health This summer, let's pay attention to the tiger mosquito

This summer, let’s pay attention to the tiger mosquito


As every summer, the tiger mosquito is back in Europe. This in sixty departments in France this year, this insect has raised concerns because it is the carrier of several dangerous viruses to humans, such as the Chikungunya virus, the Zika and dengue fever.

To control the spread of the tiger mosquito, Anses (France) is launching a platform aimed to report the presence of this insect. The health care agency also provides advice to protect themselves from bites and to identify the tiger mosquito.

For better control the spread of this mosquitothe national Agency of health security, food, environment, travail (Anses), invites all the world to report the presence of the tiger mosquito in their area.

But be careful, the tiger mosquito is not similar to its congeners. Small in size, black and white, this species of mosquito present physical characteristics specificthat Handles details on its platform reporting-mosquito.

The tiger mosquito is quiet, and diurnal, that is to say that it stings rather the day [principalement le matin et le soir]while the mosquito is common tends to prick the night“says, for example, the Anses.

The report of the tiger mosquito is done by posting a photograph of good quality on the website of the Anses. Once this condition is satisfied, to certify that it is a tiger mosquitothe user of the platform will have to answer three questions relating to the appearance of the insect being stalked. If the characteristics described are the tiger mosquito, the alert may be sent.

For protect themselves from bites mosquito tiger, it is recommended to wear long clothes, loose-fitting clear, ask the nets in his house and use insect repellents to the skin.


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