This render shows us the possible design of the Xiaomi Mi 12 | Smartphones

One of the most anticipated phones is the Xiaomi Mi 12. The Asian firm every year delights us with a new flagship to attack the waterline of the high-end range with a product that boasts a great value for money.

Most likely, following the line of its predecessors, the firm will carry out the official presentation of the Xiaomi Mi 12 throughout the month of January 2022. And due to the proximity of this event, all kinds of rumors and leaks begin to occur.

The last? A render that has appeared on the popular Chinese social network Weibo, and where we can see what the design of this Xiaomi Mi 12. And we already anticipate that it is very similar to its predecessor.

The Xiaomi Mi 12 could be traced to the Mi 11

It is true that Xiaomi does not usually influence the design section excessively, but if this render belongs to the next flagship of the company, it is clear that Mi 12 is a drop of water from Mi 11. In this way, we find a curved design, in addition to a camera module similar to that used by the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro.

But we can find some very interesting news, like the fact that the screen of the Xiaomi Mi 12 does not have any hole or notch to house the camera. So it is very likely that this phone boasts a new camera technology under the screen.

The source of this information also mention the possible technical characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi 12. In this way, and if the information is accurate, it is expected to mount a screen between 6.5 and 6.8 inches and that will stand out for having a panel with adaptive refresh rate or LTPO. Through this technology, the frequency is adapted between 1 and 120 Hz so that you always enjoy the best image quality, in addition to saving on battery consumption. In this way, the autonomy of the device can be slightly increased.

And since we are talking about the battery of the Xiaomi Mi 12, for now it is a complete mystery. But it should be remembered that the Beijing-based firm recently introduced a new 200W fast charging technology, and 120W wireless charging, so they could surprise us in this section. More, if one takes into account that various Chinese media point in this direction.


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