This means the revised national budget for you

Today at 10.45 the government presented the revised budget for 2022. Neither consumer economist Silje Sandmæl nor NHH professor Øivind Anti Nilsen believe the revised national budget will affect ordinary people to a very large extent.

They are both clear that the most important aspect will be if the interest rate increase is greater than projected.

– There was perhaps more use of oil money than many had expected. This can lead to interest rates rising faster, says Sandmæl.

Nilsen also admits that he is afraid Norges Bank will have to raise interest rates even more.

– It will probably be felt most among those who have high loans and the lowest income, says Anti Nilsen.

He adds:

– It is gratifying that the idea of ​​the labor market and that more people will get a job.

If interest rates will increase, you will get more answers when Norges Bank introduces a new interest rate update in June.

This is the most important thing:

  • The government removes VAT exemption for electric cars. People with cars over 500,000 will not receive support from a subsidy scheme. The government will abolish the VAT exemption from 2023.

– Many probably expected support due to the high operating costs. For large families who buy cars over 500,000, this will of course be more expensive, says Sandmæl.

  • It will be easier for consumers to compare different electricity agreements. The government wants the electricity price portal (strø to be further developed.
  • There will be no tax cuts for diesel and petrol cars.
  • 59 million has been set aside for free ferries. Several ferry trips in the suburbs can be free.
  • The government will set aside NOK 15 million for activity measures and projects for children and young people. This will make it easier for young people to participate in various leisure activities.
  • Macroeconomist Elisabeth Holvik believes that the use of oil money is so high that it will contribute to higher interest rates.
  • The government wants to increase the wealth tax for impersonal taxpayers by 180 million.

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