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This is what you do every day to lose weight


Whatever your weight loss goal, the beginning is probably the most daunting of the process. Basically, because of prevailing doubts about whether you are doing it right or perhaps the physical results appreciable slow to appear. Although at the time of the truth the only three things that are missing could well be summed up in will power, healthy and balanced diet and regular physical exercise, it is frankly difficult to know what it is that is most convenient for you in relation to your physical form.

For that there is the figure of the dietitians and professional trainers. For this reason, it is best that you look for advice in this series of expert. The length and width of the network there are specialized websites that also can serve as a guide and which give voice to tips directly issued by pop weight loss. The sisters Lyssie and Tammy Lakatos, dietitians of success, more known by the nickname of “the Nutrition Twins” (“The twins of nutrition”, in English), advise them that the key is to weigh yourself every day.

Weigh yourself on a regular basis is the best way to take responsibility for the process and keep things under control

Yes, it may seem very simple, but according to them, this simple trick can increase the chances of achieving success in the shortest time possible. “When you begin your journey to weight loss, you must establish a reference point”, they advise in the magazine ‘Eat This Not That’. In reality, it is something quite obvious, since if you start directly without studying beforehand in what situation you are in, it is likely that you end up taking steps blind.

Once you take this reference, you can use it over time. “When the number changes, the majority of people undertake immediate measures to adjust your eating behaviors to this series of variables“assure the twins. “Weighing yourself regularly is the best way to take responsibility for the process and keep things under control.”

A source of motivation

But not only is it a measure of control, but also a positive reinforcer of the decision you have taken to lose weight. “It is very encouraging to see how the needle moves more towards the bottom or the numbers go down,” emphasized the expert. “To many people this can reach to motivate truth to keep moving forward and progressing in their weight loss goals”.

Weigh yourself every day could be shockingly disturbing, because in the end, your weight corporar fluctuates in a natural way

According to a study from the National Registry of Weight Control-american, 75% of the people who get it and not recover the pounds are weighed at least once a week. This study was made possible thanks to the collection of data from people to regime for more than 25 years. At the beginning of the trial, it raised the challenge to the participants to lose 10% of their body weight without giving them any advice or dietary restriction. What were the unique terms of your agreement? Getting on the scale every day.

“If you weigh yourself regularly you are forcing to be aware of the connection that has your power with the weight,” says David Levitsky, professor of nutrition. “Before I used to think you should not weigh daily, and now it is just the opposite“. There is also to know to take it with caution to avoid it becoming an obsession.


The running is one of the best sports for those who seek to eliminate the extra pounds that I can spare, but always and when they are aware of the calories that you burn really

If you think that you are a person that you can get to obsessing with ease, it is best that you consider other methods or try to control the number of times that you go to the scale. As they say the twins Lakatos, it is worth to just weigh yourself once a week. In addition, if abuse of this technique, you may be disheartened to see that the results do not come as fast as expected.

“Weigh yourself every day could be shockingly disturbing, because in the end, your weight corporar fluctuates in a natural way”, they say. “The added weight of the water you consume, the hormones, or the number of times you go to the bathroom can make the scale show a higher number on a day and lower on another, even if you’ve been burning body fat”. The key, therefore, is in “pay attention to the trend of loss of weight, not the number that appears”.



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