This is the rarest generation of Honda BEAT, worthy of being hunted for collection – It’s a generation Honda BeAT the rarest, worthy of being hunted and for collection.

Honda BEAT is one of the best selling motorcycles in the country.

However, we already know that there is no rarest generation of Honda BEAT yet that is the hunt for collections.

Because generation Honda BeAT In this case, the design and the engine are very different from the current one.

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The engine used by Honda BEAT is a 2-stroke engine and of course not injection.

The first generation of this Honda BEAT, can be said to be the ancestor of the Honda BEAT.

Which appeared much earlier than the Honda BEAT generation which already used a 4-stroke engine.

Come on, get acquainted with the ancestors of the Honda Beat, which are made up of unique engines.

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The appearance of the ancestors of the Honda Beat


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