This is the latest news on Hanung Bramantyo’s condition, please pray for it – Director Hanung Bramantyo open voice about the illness he suffered for the past four years.

He has done various ways to recover from a pinched nerve disease, such as therapy, alternative massage, to exercise.

In fact, recently undergoing pinched nerve surgery.

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“I decided on the operation because there was already a rupture in my neck. The rupture was like eating a burger and all the pressure came out. Now the meat came out of my neck and touched my nerves,” said Hanung at Plaza Senayan, Central Jakarta, Thursday (20/1). /2022).

Husband Zaskia Adya Mecca it admits that the condition is actually not dangerous to health.

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However, it can interfere with Hanung’s activities because of the aches and pains caused by pinched nerves.

“The doctor said, ‘Mas Hanung will not die, only his activities will be disturbed’, said Hanung.

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Hanung said that in fact he could have taken painkillers, which were prescribed by the doctor.

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