“This is the culture of rape.” A brutal rebuke – Libero Quotidiano

“This is rape culture.” Aurora Ramazzotti flip up Barbara Palombelli the worst of the accusations, especially if made by the female world. The words of the presenter of Forum on femicide pronounced in front of the cameras have been triggering a wave of unanimous and bipartisan protests for hours with very few precedents (and equally rare exceptions).

“Sometimes it is also legitimate to ask ourselves if these men were completely out of their minds, completely clouded or was there also an exasperating and aggressive behavior on the other side too?”, Is the question posed by Palombelli, linking the subject of the trial. , a family quarrel, to the tragedy of the women killed by their companions, a very Italian plague that has registered as many as 7 cases in the last week alone.

“It scares me to think that the narrative of the most powerful communication tool is still so retrograde. How can you even allude to the fact that it could be the victim’s fault?”, Is the harsh criticism of Aurora Ramazzotti on Instagram. So the influencer, daughter of Michelle Hunziker ed Eros Ramazzotti, adds the load: “When we talk about rape culture that’s exactly what we mean ..” Rape culture is so intrinsic in our society that it has a place on our television as well. Let’s not normalize it. ”

In defense of Palombelli a few voices: Maria Giovanna Maglie, Giampiero Mughini. E Mario Adinolfi, leader of the People of the Family who to the agency Adnkronos explains: “Barbara Palombelli is right and said something obvious. When a worrying phenomenon presents itself before you, you investigate its causes and dynamics, I don’t understand the scandal. The cut-off story in which you do not want to study the dynamics is a story without the intelligence of things. Obviously the victim remains the victim and the executioner remains the executioner, the criminal element is certainly not canceled. But in the face of a phenomenon that rises to a social dimension, I want to understand what is the trigger for violent behavior “.” I believe that there is a continuous insistence on this theme of the war of the sexes, even in the virilization of women for which woman must become more and more ‘man’, and it is clear that this creates tensions and it is inevitable that it creates them. In some cases, these tensions lead to the horror of murder, of which obviously the horror remains. But studying the dynamics that lead to this is absolutely necessary “.


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