This is the ability of Hero Aamon in Mobile Legends Update 1.6.26


Play Mobile Legends on Oppo A15 – Mobile Legends game developers are quite diligent in releasing interesting updates or updates.

Now Moonton is back with an update to his game, Mobile Legends.

The update with version 1.6.26 this time presents a new character (hero) named “Aamon”.

Aamon has the nickname “Duke of Shards” and is a hero with the role of Assassin.

That is, the various abilities or skills possessed by the hero are focused on eliminating the enemy from the opposing team quickly.

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Just like most other Mobile Legends heroes, Aamon has three active skills and one passive skill that involves the main weapon in the form of “Shard”.

Because it’s a magic type, Aamon’s attacks deal magic damage.

Aamon’s first skill, “Soul Shards” allows players to throw a Shard at the enemy in front of him and give the effect of reducing hit points (HP) aka damage.


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