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Parts without hurry: Before you rent out your own car privately, both parties should clarify how they can avoid possible pitfalls. Photo: Christin Klose / dpa-tmn

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After an accident, however, the vehicle’s third-party liability insurance usually pays for damage caused by third parties. “If you have fully comprehensive insurance, it regulates the damage to your own vehicle,” says the specialist lawyer for traffic law. However, borrowers must pay for all further payments, such as deductibles or upgrades.

Let’s do it in writing

Daniela Mielchen advises you to address liability issues in advance, especially if you have neither comprehensive nor partially comprehensive insurance. And to set them down in writing. “This is important, in particular to make it clear to the vehicle rental company what duties he is taking on,” she says. “It also makes sense to record what previous damage the car has.” The ADAC also recommends writing and offering online Sample letter an.

Anyone who gives their car to friends and acquaintances must also ensure that all important papers are on board. “The driver must always have the registration certificate Part I with him. It is proof that the vehicle has been properly registered ”, according to the German Insurance Association (GDV). Anyone who lends their vehicle to others must also check beforehand whether the user also has a driver’s license.

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Who may not be allowed to drive?

It is not absolutely necessary to report the loan of the insurance. “However, it makes sense to take a close look at your own insurance conditions, because the Insurance coverage limited to certain drivers or groups of people such as the family, ”says Daniela Mielchen. In this case, however, the policy can usually also be temporarily extended.

Anyone who regularly leaves their car in the wrong hands and takes money for it is treated differently from a legal point of view. “Borrowing and renting are not the same,” says the lawyer. “When borrowing, the lender provides the borrower with the item free of charge. In the case of rent, on the other hand, the item is left against payment of an agreed rent. ” Anyone who regularly rents their car privately must also note that income from this is only tax-free up to a limit of 256 euros per year.

Platforms are not without controversy

This also applies if the vehicle is offered via portals. The car is insured for the period of rental via the platform, which receives a commission for it. Such portals are, however, not without controversy.

“Anyone who rents a vehicle for commercial purposes must register and insure it at the registration office in accordance with applicable law,” explains Michael Brabec from the Federal Association of Car Rental Companies (BAV). “Then an annual general inspection is compulsory and the insurance company also classifies the car differently.” This takes into account the special demands placed on rental cars.

Can I even rent out commercially?

Daniela Mielchen also sees private car rental via commercial platforms as at least controversial. “Anyone who does this should regularly check whether what they are doing can be classified as commercial. Because then possible tax back payments and fines could threaten. “

A car owner must also clarify whether their own motor vehicle liability insurance allows renting on a commercial platform. Drivers are therefore on the safer side if they pass on their car purely for private purposes.

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