This is Edy Mulyadi’s Viral Statement about Kalimantan and the New Capital City which resulted in a Police Report

Edy Mulyadi whose statement was questioned. (Source: YouTube)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV The statement by former PKS cadre Edy Mulyadi who allegedly insulted East Kalimantan regarding the capital city of the New State was criticized by a number of elements of students and non-governmental organizations and resulted in a report to the police.

Reported from Tribunnews, Edy Mulyadi said that the nation’s capital would be moved to Kalimantan, which he called the place where genies throw their children.

“Can you understand, this is an elite place that has its own which is expensive,” said Edy Mulyadi from the viral video.

Even Edy Mulyadi said the markets for the New Capital City were kuntilanak and genderuwo.

“Whose market?” he said.

“If the market is kuntilanak, what are Genderuwo doing there,” he said.

To strengthen his opinion, Edy Mulyadi asked the location of the residence where the colleague next to him was.

“No, where do you live, uncle?” he said.

“Who wants to live in Gunungsari, move to Kalimantan Panajam there to buy a house there,” he said.

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