This impressive statue of Yamcha’s death in China is not immune to the Coronavirus

The death of Yamcha in Dragon ball z is the ultimate symbol of failure ! Very quickly, Yamcha dead, struck down by an explosion of Salibaman, is become a meme on the Internet. A meme that has far beyond virtual borders.

Proof of this is with this impressive statue of the character in his death position installed in Shanghai last November. If the sculpture is more than a year old, it would seem that some people only discover it now.

However, with the coronavirus epidemic affecting this part of the world, many have made the connection with the news. The parallel that is drawn between this statue and the deadly virus that is spreading has apparently prevented the city from removing the work.

We leave you discover it below.

To note that the J-World amusement park located in Tokyo and which offers sets directly inspired by manga and animes, had inaugurated a space in 2018 offering visitors to slip into the skin of the character by settling in a crater similar to the one where Yamcha breathed his last.

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