This American put the terrorists on the planes from 11/9 VIDEO

One of the security officers allowed the terrorists on board one of the planes 20 years ago in the United States.

Vaughn Alex is a former employee of American Airlines. He was on shift 20 years ago when he checked passengers for flight 77.

“I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and talking to the wrong people,” Von Alex said.

Among the passengers are brothers Salem and Nawaf Al-Hazmi. Vaughn remembers that they are late, but he still gives them tickets.

“I checked them in and they went up,” Vaughn recalls.

The two late passengers were part of a group of five terrorists who hijacked the plane and crashed it in Pengaton an hour later. 186 people die.

“There are groups of attack survivors, as well as groups of people researching the subject. I do not belong to them. I personally struggle with guilt. When people ask me – What were you doing that day? I say, “I let them on board!” Said Von Alex, a former American Airlines employee.

20 years later, Vaughn, 67, still describes that moment as the mistake of his life.

The report is on the German television RTL and broadcast on bTV.


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