Third season started; Record number of users in the COD series

Activision Blizzard has kicked off its third season in today Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone also announced that players have fought more than 2.4 billion hours in Modern Warfare and Warzone. The Modern Warfare universe has set a new record for the highest daily average of users and most users at the same time in the entire Call of Duty series – total hours played in Modern Warfare and Warzone are meant, although it should be noted that Warzone is known to be free-to-play and therefore comparability with previous COD titles is only possible to a limited extent.

David Stohl, Co-Studio Head, Infinity Ward: “In season three, there’s tons of free new content for both Warzone and Modern Warfare. From new maps and modes for multiplayer to new ways to play for Warzone, including the all-new 4-man squads, this season will be just awesome and we can’t wait for everyone to get started and join in. “

New multiplayer maps for Modern Warfare in season 3:

  • “Talsik Backlot is an exciting reissue of the classic three-way map for 6v6 fights from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. In this abandoned urban area in Urziktan, players can expect a mixture of melee and sniper duels over long distances.
  • Hovec Sawmill is a brand new 6v6 map in the Verdansk mountains. Operators fight on roofs and along the raging river in three-way battles at short to medium distances.
  • Aniyah Incursion is a 6v6 variation of the splendid but war-torn Aniyah Palace that ground war and 10v10 players in Modern Warfare know. In this new edition, players can use the long lines of sight and narrow niches in the palace to flank their opponents.
  • Later in Season 3 there will be Hardhat, an additional 6v6 reissue of a multiplayer map from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and Wilco, a brand new 2v2 gun battle map. “

New season 3 multiplayer lists for Modern Warfare:

  • “During Season 3, players can also dive into new game modes like Reloaded Weapons and Newly Infected Ground War.”

For Warzone:

  • “Teams of 4 are now available in Battle Royale and loot money so four friends can team up to survive or fight for the most money.
  • Later in the season, there will be additional lists for Battle Royale and loot money, in which the weapons are limited to certain types and the focus is on action-heavy modes, e.g. B. by using riflescopes or shotguns.
  • Throughout the season, there will always be new weapons and blueprints in storage boxes and as free loot. In addition, the event calendar for all players is filled to the brim with EP events, free content, holiday promotions and more. “

“The third season of the Battle Pass will also be redesigned with brand new content and 100 unlockable levels full of exciting objects and challenges for Modern Warfare and Warzone. With the release of free Call of Duty content in the Modern Warfare universe, all players can earn free levels , including free CoD points to buy items or buy the Battle Pass in the shop.All players can also earn two new functional weapons simply by playing: the striking SKS-DMR with extensive weaponsmithing options and the balanced Renetti handgun with and all those who purchase the Battle Pass will automatically unlock Alex, the brave CIA operator from the Modern Warfare campaign, and in Season 3, Lieutenant Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley has requested additional assistance from Captain Price, and a CIA agent Alex is called back into service to both in multiplayer mod us and in Warzone to plunge into the Verdansk fray. The Season 3 Battle Pass also includes new vehicle skins, the Enforcer with Riley the Dog, a black tomogunchi, and dozens of weapon plans, operator skins, cosmetic changes, EP tokens, CoD points, and more. Fans who want to get started faster and earn rewards can buy the Battle Pass bundle with 20 increments. With unified advances, all items earned in Modern Warfare will also be unlocked in Warzone, and all items earned in Warzone will be available in Modern Warfare if players choose to purchase the full version. “
Last current video: Season 3 trailer


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