Thionville. Venarun, the address that enters the triathlete race

Triathlon is a fashionable discipline. A fundamental trend that Franck Da Silva Martins did not fail to spot. Moselle by adoption, he had in mind to open his small business of sale and repair of cycles when he reconsidered his project. “When I found this place, I said to myself that I could think bigger. I, who am passionate about cycling, told myself that I could just as well address a wider target group, by offering all the equipment necessary for triathlon practitioners. »

The room in question is this former bar on Place Patton, which still has its counter and large bay windows. The location is both out of the way and ideal, a stone’s throw from the banks of the Moselle, a must for all the enduring athletes in the area.

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Thus was born Venarun, an independent brand entirely dedicated to beginners and experienced triathletes. Carbon bikes and their accessories, neoprene swimming suits, adapted running shoes, technical clothing: it’s all there, plus advice. “What I enjoy is supporting people in their sporting project. Let them tell me: here, I am preparing such a triathlon, I miss this and that. What can we do ? And here we go! “Summarizes Frank.

The quadra did not leave blindly: he rolled his bump with specialized signs for fifteen years before turning to entrepreneurship. His idea holds water: he was accompanied by the CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and also benefited from the financial support of the association Initiative Moselle nord. A sign of trust.

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