Thionville. Deprived of hemp flowers, CBD shops fear they will wither

Since 2019, shops specializing in the sale of products based on cannabidiol (or CBD), a supposedly relaxing and non-psychotropic molecule derived from hemp, have sprouted like mushrooms. But on December 30, the government issued an order prohibiting the sale and consumption of hemp leaves and flowers. However, CBD shops derived most of their recipes from these floral buds, which were much more consumed than oils and other vaporizers.

Under the impetus of the Union of CBD Professionals (UPCBD), the opponents decided to attack the decree in question and on January 14, they pleaded before the Council of State for its abolition, arguing serious attacks and manifestly illegal to fundamental freedoms. The Council of State’s decision is expected in the coming days. In the meantime, a whole economic sector is feverishly hoping for a gesture in its favor.

He is claiming damages from the state.

A pioneer in the sector, Christophe…

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