News "Thinks he is a superstar of football: the Real...

“Thinks he is a superstar of football: the Real Madrid player demands more minutes to Zidane | The Ledger | The Sanhedrin of The Stringer


Real Madrid beat Valencia 3-0 and all seem to be good news for the whites. For example: the connection Benzema – Hazard goes beyond that; the play in the second part of the encounter has improved a lot after what we saw against Eibar; and the return with a goal included Marco Asensio has become to fall in love with all the madridismo. Just one piece does not fit: Gareth Bale.

The welsh came back to not be in the game and not played even a single minute. For several seasons it comes to commenting on his possible departure from the club, which has not materialized for a variety of factors. But now, with the competitiveness that there is in the template, and their particular relationship with Zidane, the door has been opened a little more. “Bale thinks he is a superstar of football and that he deserves to play. Your environment will eat your head.”said Anton Meana, journalist of Cadena SER, in the Stringer.

July Polished, also a partner in the BE, has emphasized that “Zidane has been very good with Bale,” and that Bale, after his recent performances, “it deserves to be in the stands”. In addition, Mario Torrejón, a sports journalist at The Stringer, has pointed out that the welsh “it is in the status that it deserves: neither the holder nor demand it.”

The market for Bale is an unknown. Was about to move to China, but apart from a return to the Premier league, is not currency with sharpness a set where be able to recover the level that led him to be signed for Madrid. It cost around 100 million euros 7 years ago and now claims more than 15 ‘kilos’ for the season. Manu Carreño, conductor of The Stringer, has assured that “there is no team that wants to sign Bale, and to pay the salary charged in the Madrid”.


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