Think Gold – Think and act like top athletes

“This book shows that there are many factors that make people successful. Talent alone is not the decisive factor. It might be the admission ticket, but then other things play a role,” says Andreas Klement. Think Gold looks behind the surface of elite sport and asked 13 athletes about their strategies for success. Together they have an incredible track record: 173 national titles, 93 world champion titles, 27 European champion titles, 16 Olympic medals, 15 World Cup victories and 45 other medals.

The authors Lurz and Klement conducted interviews with the athletes and show how closely failure and success are actually connected and what the athletes have in common despite different personalities and different sports. These universal principles are the core characteristics of successful people – not only in sports, but also in business and private life. “In sport as in business, you are constantly in competition and have to assert yourself against others in order to survive. So the basic principles are the same and it is important to learn from the best in the world,” says co-author Thomas Lurz. “I would like readers to take one or two impulses into their everyday lives,” adds Klement.

The proceeds from the book go to Deutsche Sporthilfe, which is close to the hearts of both authors: “Thomas and I owe a lot to sport. Without sport I would not have met many of my customers, met some people at all and had to do without valuable friendships. That’s why we both thought it was time to give something back to the sport and donate the proceeds from this book,” says Andreas Klement, who works as an athlete coach at Sporthilfe.

Athletes portrayed: Julius Brink, Martin Strobel, Felix Danner, Frank Busemann, Nadine Apetz, Laura Philipp, Sandra Völker, Matthias Mester, Annike Krahn, Laura Benkarth and Alexandra Popp.

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