They seek an increase in life insurance for municipal

Municipal presidents of several demarcations agreed on the need to increase life insurance for the elements of the Municipal Police, given the risks they face in the entity.

The mayor of Calera de Víctor Rosales, Ángel Gerardo Hernández Vázquez, reported that he will increase life insurance for the elements of the demarcation, going from 350 to 500 thousand pesos, in addition to funeral expenses.

In an interview, he expressed his concern about the lack of elements in this municipality, since 50 percent is missing according to national standards, since they only have 30, when around 60 are required for the number of the population.

Calera, like Valparaíso, Zacatecas and Fresnillo, among others, are municipalities plagued by violence in recent years, where acts have been recorded against their corporations, which had to work to strengthen benefits and internal trust tests.

Eleuterio Ramos Leal, mayor of Valparaíso, declared that the life insurance for his elements corresponds to one million pesos in case of death, an amount that at least three families received during 2021.

Likewise, the administration of Fresnillo, headed by Saúl Monreal Ávila, contemplates a 600 thousand pesos, since they suffer greatly from insecurity, and where three of their workers were assassinated on Tuesday.

In the capital of Zacatecas, Mayor Jorge Miranda Castro provides the police with life insurance for 500,000 pesos, and in the administration of Julio Cesar Chávez Padilla, in Guadalupe, they limited themselves to reporting that their corporation has it, without specifying the amount.

Another of the mayors consulted was that of Villa de Cos, Pier Michel Ríos Ruíz; however, he did not reply. It should be noted that in this demarcation, state police officers were killed in 2021, when the elements were patrolling in an official vehicle of the Municipal Police.

Another of the topics that the Zacatecas Human Rights Commission (CDHEZ) exposed, to strengthen municipal corporations, is the reinforcement of trust exams to provide better service to society.

In this sense, the mayor of Calera, Ángel Hernández, explained that it is complicated to have a greater number of elements, “of the ten that are registered, only two pass the exams, unfortunately, and the Secretariat at the national level, both the executive secretariat asks us for those controls both academic preparation “he declared.

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