They saved a distressed dolphin near Burgas

The dolphin has been saved

A distressed dolphin set up several inspections, environmental groups and volunteers. He got stuck in the shallows near Burgas.

The signal for the dolphin reached social networks, which activated a rescue operation on Sunday. The distressed dolphin fell into the canal across the bay of the fishing village first seen by residents of Chengene scaffolding.

“We happened to pass by this road and there was an elderly woman very upset and she asked us as younger people to get a signal. She called 112 yesterday and they gave signals. Little dolphin, it looked like a baby,” said Maria Totkova in front of “Nova”.

A day later, the signal for the missing young specimen with a call for help was uploaded on social networks. In just an hour, signals to the Green Balkans, the eco-inspection and wildlife experts are literally pouring in. And before sunset the rescue teams are on the ground. However, it turns out that the dolphin has already been taken out by volunteer fishermen and taken to the bay.

“In this case, someone helped us. In other cases, when we had a dolphin, we looked for lifeguards on the beach, volunteers who help us with a boat to direct it inward to the sea,” said Milena Yarmova – an expert at RIEW Burgas.

“When they are sick, they are very disoriented and go out on land. It may also be possible that something went wrong, something happened and it slipped into the canal and could not come out,” said veterinarian Kristina Nikolova.

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