They released the last photo from the shoot before Baldwin shot the cameraman!

A member of the western film crew, Rust, has probably published the last film with a cameraman who was inadvertently killed by actor Alec Baldwin. He and the cameraman are captured in the photo while filming in the setting of the church, where a deadly shot was fired.

This is the last photo with Halyna on the set. This is how the head of electricians Serge Svetnoy commented on the picture he published on his Facebook page.

The portal pointed out the photo Sky News. It shows the film’s crew filming a scene in a church. Alec Baldwin is standing in front of the camera in historical clothing, cameraman Halyna Hutchins is facing her back to the camera lens.

This is probably the last photo before the filming shot:

“I was standing next to Halyna when a fatal shot fell that killed her and injured director Joel Souza. I held her hand when she was dying. My hands were wet with her blood,” Svetnoy said.

The tragedy happened last Thursday on Thursday. The weapon, which was to be loaded with blanks, eventually fired in the hand of actor Alec Baldwin. Read more in this article on


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