They harass debtor loan companies

Delicias.- An average of five daily consultancies during the last month, provided the State Human Rights Commission to citizens victims of harassment by companies dedicated to granting loans, whose employees annoy debtors at any time of day and in any place .

Inopportune visits to homes and work centers, as well as threats and intimidation, are some of the situations denounced by people who approached the ECHR, said the regional visitor Raymundo Mata Cárdenas, who mentioned that the amounts owed by some of the complainants go up to 100,000 pesos.

He explained that the economic problems derived from the pandemic have forced many people to go into debt to pay for expenses, often signing contracts that commit them to put their assets as collateral.

Raymundo Mata pointed out that the behavior of financial companies could fall within the illegitimate collection, in accordance with article 106 bis of the Criminal Code of the State of Chihuahua.

The visitor affirmed that so far in 2021 there are many consultancies requested by people, attending to all people in a physical and face-to-face way.

Mata pointed out that the State Commission, according to the law, cannot proceed against individuals, but it is allowed to provide advice and take steps so that citizens turn to the competent authorities.

In this case, when talking about harassment and that some debtors are no longer accepted the payments they offer to loan companies, he reiterated that the crime integrated in the criminal code is that of illegitimate collection, for which those affected can report .

“In some way they can report to the Prosecutor’s Office, about what is harassment and if this collection is by illegal or illegitimate means, or carry out acts of harassment or intimidation, there already fits this crime,” he stressed.

Likewise, citizens can go to the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef), which is the competent body to resolve this type of situation, either electronically or by phone, because due to the pandemic, everything matter they handle it virtually.

Saúl Ponce | The Herald of Chihuahua.


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