Home World they get all of the coronavirus, “We have met all the rules.”

they get all of the coronavirus, “We have met all the rules.”


Some bars and cafés have had to close their doors in Jacksonville, United States. In fact, many people have been tested positive Covid-19. Among these new cases of coronavirus : Erika and fifteen of his friends, who were out to party to celebrate the end of the containment Lynch”s Irish Pub, Jacksonville Beach. “We have been reckless to go out so early, but we have complied with all the rules,” she said to local media.

The American 40 years of age has been sick for eight days, as she explained to News4Jax. She now believes that restaurants, cafés and bars would not have to re-open soon.

Erika and her friends were excited to be able to regain their freedom and get out again, after weeks spent cooped up with them in ” respecting the letter of the déconfinement “. But today, the middle-aged regret bitterly : “Florida has put an end to the lockdown, saying that all would be well, then we have the opportunity to get out “, she says. “But we should all take our distances from each other and wear masks. It was far too early for any re-open “.

As a precaution, the Lynch”s Irish Pub has preferred to close, the time to disinfect in depth the establishment.




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