They detained 69 migrants who set fire to the forest above Ihtiman

Illegal migrants PHOTO: Reuters

69 illegal migrants were detained in the forest above Ihtiman, BNT reports. They were on the territory of the state hunting farm Eledzhik. The group was spotted by a farm employee who was patrolling. In just one week, this is the second large group of illegal migrants to be detained in the area.

It was 5:50 p.m., I was touring the area, this is the area of ​​the Eledzhik hunting farm, and I noticed smoke in the distance, explained Ivan Yankulov from the Eledzhik State Hunting Farm.

Thus begins the story of Ivan Yankulov. He has been part of the Specialized Anti-Terrorist Squad for 20 years. After retiring he worked in the hunting farm.

And I was terrified when I saw fire from several places. Some people were scattering. I went to fight them not to light a fire, that they would set the forest on fire. And when I shouted, “Wait, what are you doing here?” to jump out “, commented Yankulov.

The group turned out to be 69 young men.

“The first ones started approaching me so quickly. One of them spoke tolerable English, he said they were from Afghanistan. But whether they are from Afghanistan and where they are from, no one knows,” said Ivan Yankulov.

He immediately reported the group to the Ihtiman police.

“And now is the time to thank them and congratulate them, because the patrols arrived in no more than 10-12 minutes,” Yankulov added.

Traces of bivouacs and fires can be found in many places around the hunting farm where illegal migrants lived. They literally broke the wild boar feeders and took the corn to feed on.

The fires are 11 in total. While waiting for the police to come, Yankulov made the migrants put out the burning fires.

“And because they were starving, they tried to boil the corn here and bake it on a sheet metal. I’ll show you the other things there. Later, when the police came, I used the moment to make them clean. Here’s another fire “Here we missed it. They forgot their backpack with corn, here they took it so that they could eat something,” Yankulov commented.

He suggested that after being left in the area, the migrants were lied to by traffickers that they would be transported to Sofia and the border with Serbia. Probably it had to happen at night.

The drugs, mineral water labels and waffle packs found show that the migrants came to us from Turkey.

“The other thing, 5 days ago, on the 22nd I caught another group, which were 21 young boys, but they were down on the asphalt road. They ran on every car that appeared and knocked on it and asked Sofia, Sofia “, said Ivan Yankulov.

The Interior Ministry said that after the detention, the group was accommodated in a center for illegal migrants.


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