“They demand a PCR test while I am vaccinated!”

The patient who contacts us prefers to remain anonymous but wants share his anger and incomprehension, following the misadventure suffered this Tuesday morning at the UZ Brussel university hospital. “When I showed up for my appointment for a respiratory exam, as part of an IBS study/treatment (related to my thyroid issues), I was told I needed a test PCR negative. They had tried to reach me the day before to let me know but I hadn’t had the chance to pick up. I don’t understand why this is required, when I am vaccinated. »

So shocked and frightened by the prospect of having to present negative tests to have the right to be treated and monitored in her treatment, that the patient asked outright to leave the study.

►► “I don’t want to undergo these tests, nor to pay for them”, she confides, a little lost.

►► We contacted the UZ Brussel hospital: here is their reaction.


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