They analyzed Poles’ pre-Christmas shopping. Here are the conclusions

Thanks to the latest report by the technology company and the UCE Research analytical and research platform, we know what grocery shopping looked like before the last Christmas. The situation was compared with the corresponding periods of 2019-2020. Through the so-called data on the behavior of over one million consumers was collected. Their visits to over 7,000 stores from 1 to 24 December of each analyzed year.

– In 2021, there was a visible rebound compared to 2020. Grocery retail chains recorded a 9.2% y / y. higher traffic, and also gained 2.8 percent. more customers year on year. However, there is still a long way to go to return to pre-pandemic levels. In the last pre-Christmas period, large-scale food establishments recorded 23.9 percent. less traffic than in 2019, and the number of unique customers decreased by 29.6 percent. – comments Adam Grochowski from

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