News These are the workers who will be affected by...

These are the workers who will be affected by the new order, which stops the legal immigration | News Univision Immigration


The new constraint suspends the entry of foreign that “present a risk to the labour market of the united States” by the pandemic of the new coronavirus, says. And added that during the public health emergency the general rate of unemployment “almost quadrupled between February and may of 2020, producing part of the unemployment of the most extreme ever recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics”.

Given this scenario, Trump says that modified the order of April 22, which slowed down the entry of immigrants and non-immigrants for a period of 60 days, extending the prohibition of entry up to December 31, but leaving in place the same exceptions, among them immediate family members of legal permanent residents and u.s. citizens.

These are the key points of the new order of migration that restricts the entry of certain foreign workers until the end of the year 2020.

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