These are the photos of Iñaki Urdangarín with a woman who is not the Infanta Cristina




This Wednesday the magazine ‘Lectures’ exclusively publishes the images of Iñaki Urdangarin accompanied by an unknown young woman, who is not his wife Infant Christina. Although there is no kiss as such, in one of the snapshots it can be seen as Iñaki takes her by the hand without fear of being recognized by passersby while strolling through the crowded coastal area that is usually a claim for surf lovers.

The couple walks in an affectionate attitude and even get carried away by passion on the seashore. A report made a few days ago after the family vacation of Urdangarin, his children and the one who is still his wife in Baqueira Beret. Nothing foreshadowed that the marriage was not going through its best moment.

Just a few days later, the former Duke of Palma had no qualms about starring in another new scandal, this time of a sentimental nature.

This is the cover of the magazine Readings
This is the cover of the magazine Readings

At the moment, neither of the two protagonists has manifested itself in this regard. Sources close to the infanta do not rule out that she issues a statement on her part. Everything indicates that it is a new betrayal, although this time by Doña Cristina it could be the end of 25 years of relationship and unconditional support. What did not separate the Nòos case could separate the heart. What has not yet transpired is how the king will receive Juan Carlos these images in his golden exile in Abu Dabhi.

Once again the ideal son-in-law vanishes on its own. Surely, the Infanta Elena will be a great support for her sister in this crisis, just as she has been on other occasions. Refugees in Geneva, Cristina e Iñaki have coincided less than expected. It was said that she was staying in Geneva to continue her work at the Aga Khan Foundation and so that her daughter Irene continue with his studies at the prestigious Swiss school L’ Ecole Internacionale.

While Iñaki He found work in a law firm in Vitoria where he is obliged to go once a week to sign in court, as decreed by the prison surveillance judge.

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