These are the 2022 YouTube trends for brands

This trend is not obvious to those who are not involved in YouTube marketing on a daily basis, but it is very important. The platform gives creators more and more data and better insights. For example, they are now testing a few features that will be introduced to all users soon:

1) Search Insights: this feature in YouTube Analytics provides insight into specific search behavior on YouTube that you can use to produce SEO-optimized video content.

2) ‘Most viewed sections’: this feature shows of all videos in the progress bar which parts are best viewed. Very useful for inspiration for audience and competitor analysis.

3) Media Kit: This feature allows creators to easily understand their audience and collaborate with brands. Very good news for brands that want to work with the most relevant influencers.

In addition, YouTube has significantly improved Analytics over the past year with content benchmarks and insights into your audience. And they will continue to do so in 2022. This way you are increasingly better at improving your performance based on this data and insights.

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