Health Therefore, you should close the Klospülen always close the...

Therefore, you should close the Klospülen always close the lid


Using a computer simulation, researchers found that bacteria and viruses can be thrown when you Use the toilet flush meters high in the air.

The virus can go up to the head and in the air about it. That could potentially lead to a Transmission of corona virus.

Toilet: that’s Why you should close the toilet seat

A Team of researchers at Yangzhou University in China investigated using a computer simulation, how the water is distributed upon Actuation of the toilet flush in the air. The results of the study, the researchers have now published in the journal “Physics of Fluids“. Accordingly, the flushing can hurl the Klowasser, with bacteria up to a metre high in the air. Especially in connection with current findings to the spread of corona virus in so-called aerosol products, i.e. tiny droplets in the air, the new research results relevant.

“You can see that the speed will be even higher, if a toilet is used frequently, as in the case of a family toilet during a busy time or a public toilet, which serves a densely populated area.”, so Ji-Xiang Wang, who was not involved in the study. The researchers suggest that could be so transferred may also corona virus.

Risk due to Fecal-oral infections

In the past, similar studies have shown that flush the toilet, also norovirus infection are often used for gastro-intestinal is responsible, can be transferred. Moreover, recent studies of the Transmission of corona virus, the Virus could already demonstrate in body secretions of infected persons. It is unclear yet, however, whether the disease is through the rinse actually transferable.

The researchers advise, however, to close the lid when you Press the toilet flush. Because the droplets are, according to Ji-Xiang Wang so small that they stay longer than a Minute in the air. In addition, it is important to clean the toilet seat as well as the Spülknopf always good. And also washing hands after using the toilet is an important hygiene measure. To what extent could prevent a potential spread of corona virus, is unclear. However, to reduce the risk of a so-called fecal-oral infections. What is meant is the infection with bacteria from the intestine through the mouth into the organism.


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