News there will indeed have a Rail Pass with ten...

there will indeed have a Rail Pass with ten free travel


The Mobility minister François Bellot has made it clear on Tuesday SNCB as there was no question of going back on the principle of ten free travel under the Rail Pass that the government wants to offer to citizens.

The “superkern“, which consists of the parties of the federal government and parties that support them during the health crisis, decided in early June to give every Belgian is a pass that includes 10 trips by train free of charge.

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The officials of the railway company had at first received coldly such a proposal, fearing such an influx of travellers in the trains and stations.

The board of directors of the SNCB has tasked its executive committee to determine, in close consultation with the minister of Mobility, the modalities and timing of the implementation of the pass, while complying with the health requirements, and operational.

A consultation took place Tuesday and was conducted in a way “constructive“. “The decision of the ten free travel has been taken by the superkern. The board of directors of the SNCB has clarified its position Monday. We have discussed this and the minister has clearly indicated that the principle of the ten trips were to be taken“explained a spokesperson. “The SNCB will make several proposals. The superkern make a decision.

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