There are a lot of Prudential questions, these are a series of insurance cases that have made a scene


A number of Prudential customers who are members of the insurance victim community have spent the night in front of the Prudential office, Sudirman since Friday (14/1) yesterday. As for the customers who are members of the Insurance Victims Community of this unit-linked product, they demand a full refund.

The Coordinator of the Insurance Victims Community, Maria Trihartati, revealed that there were around 20 Prudential customers staying the night. They are demanding funds which are deposits that have been entrusted to insurance companies for years.

“We will continue to survive until our demands are granted. Today I will read our demands,” said Maria, Tuesday (18/1/2022).

Maria said the victims had come to the Financial Services Authority (OJK) to protest the settlement of the unit link insurance problem. However, according to him, OJK only acts as a mediator and does not protect the public.

“There is no evidence to report to the police and will be ignored. Reporting to the OJK, not everyone can do it, even those who report have no results, only in ping pong here and there. To appeal must be done in Jakarta, meaning all victims must come to Jakarta, that an impossible thing, to seek justice for the loss of a chicken must lose a goat or a cow,” he said.

On the other hand, Prudential opened his voice and explained that Prudential had taken persuasive steps against the group so that they could leave Prudential’s office location.

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Luskito Hambali revealed that his party had asked customers to submit complaints through official channels in accordance with applicable regulations.

Luskito explained that from the start, Prudential has always tried to prioritize good communication in order to reach a settlement, but these customers and former customers still do not receive Prudential’s goodwill.

But apparently, apart from the case that happened to the Prudential insurance company, it turns out that in the country there have also been several problematic cases involving insurance companies.

Here are a number of insurance cases that have caused a stir in the country:

1. PT Asabri (Persero)
Apart from Prudential, previously there was a major case involving a state-owned insurance company, namely PT Asabri. The company itself is a state-owned company that is engaged in Social Insurance and special pension payments for TNI soldiers, members of the National Police, PNS of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia and the Indonesian National Police.

The case involving PT Asabri began when the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) named eight suspects in cases of alleged corruption in the financial management of investment funds at PT Asabri (Persero) for the 2011-2019 period.

Based on the information provided by the AGO, this case stems from an agreement made by Asabri’s management for the period 2011-2016 and 2016-2020 with Benny Tjokrosaputro (BTS) alias Bentjok and Heru HIdayat (HH) to regulate and control Asabri’s investment portfolio in the form of shares. and mutual funds.

ARD, who is one of the suspects, was previously the president director of Asabri for the period 2011-2016 who made an agreement with Bentjok. Meanwhile, the president director for the next period, SW, made an agreement with Heru Hidayat.

But unfortunately the agreement of the two directors actually harmed the company and even benefited these two external parties.

What was done during this period was buying or exchanging shares in Asabri’s portfolio with shares belonging to Heru, Bentjok and another party, namely LP, who is the President Director of PT Prima Network.

The placement of funds into shares owned by these three parties is carried out at prices that have been manipulated so that they are of high value. The aim is to show that the performance of Asabri’s investment portfolio looks good.

After these shares entered Asabri’s portfolio, they were then transacted and controlled by the three people. This is because, based on the agreement, the shares must look liquid and have high value, even though the transactions carried out are only pseudo transactions and benefit Bentjok, Heru and LP and harm Asabri.

To avoid losses on Asabri’s investment, the shares that have been released are then purchased by the three parties using a nominee. Then it was bought back by Asabri through a mutual fund that uses these shares as its underlying asset (underlying).

The mutual funds were also formed by investment management controlled by the same three names. For the transactions that took place during the two leadership periods, Asabri is said to have caused state losses of Rp. 23.73 trillion based on the results of an audit from the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK).

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