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The work of the Center for the Elderly and Library of Parquesol will end in mid-2022 | Radio Valladolid | Today


The City hall of Valladolid has presented the design of the building that will house the Senior center and the Library of Parquesol, which are obtainable to bid is expected in the second quarter of this year and should be completed by mid-2022.

The budget of this new municipal building, which is located in a plot between the streets of Enrique Cubero and City of Havana, reached 4.8 million euros and the deadlines that are handled indicate that the work is taken out to tender in the second quarter of this year to start in the last quarter of 2020, and that they are completed in mid-2022since the execution period is 20 months.

Bridge has emphasized that the project for these two new endowments it is “good news for that neighborhood and for the entire city” as you will see their endowments improved in a period of a little over two years. The building which will house the Senior Center and the Municipal Library of Parquesol will rise in a plot dotacional property of the town Council of Valladolid, located andbetween Paseo de la Habana and calle Enrique Cubero, which has an area of 8.511 square feet.

The new building will occupy a total surface area of 3.810 square feet, of which 2.160 square metres will correspond to the Senior Center and to 1,650 square metres of the Municipal Library. Currently, as has been recalled by Oscar Bridge, Parquesol account with a local older persons in regime of rent that already “is very small,” and that also, in your opinion, does not have the best location.

The facilities of the center will be located in a plant located at the level of the calle Enrique Cubero and in a volume intermediate, where will be the area of stays. On the lower floor, at street level the City of Havana –ten metres lower.–, to install the Library, whose roof will serve large terrace to the Center of Older.

The alderman added that this project he concludes that, “a working cycle” in the endowments of age, which began with the reform of the Center of aged San Juan, with the opening of a new centre in the calle Fray Luis de León, and has continued with the renovations of The Victoria, which has now been completed, and Rondilla, is currently underway.


With regard to the new Municipal Library of Parquesol you will have a useful surface area of 1,650 square metres, distributed in a single plant. It will be, as was reasserted by the council of Education, “the biggest” of the city. The change of Library location ‘Santiago de los Mozos’ is an ancient aspiration neighborhood taken over by the town Hall because the shuttle from the Civic Center of Parquesol work off that space so that the activities are carried out with more comfort.

The project of the new Library bet for a modern architecture and functional, and introduces measures to promote the efficiency and sustainability in this building. Account also with a outer space in which it is expected that you have an outdoor areain which it can be read and, also, organising various activities such as the promotion of reading.

The services that will include all of the claims are possible: the general information and the attention of the user, the collection of books, periodicals, the newspaper, the consultation rooms and reading; the loan, including the electronic book through eBiblio Castile and Leon, the on-line Catalogue of the Network of Municipal Libraries of Valladolid, internet services, office automation and network wifi, information and guidance literature, and the training of users and guided tours.


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