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Cashback and receipt lottery? A flop according toCgia research office of Mestre. Created to combat tax evasion, at least that linked to non-invoicing, both measures have not produced the desired results. Already in June 2021, the cashback was suspended by the Draghi government: the results are too limited compared to a very high cost for the State of 4.75 billion euros.

The same is also true for the receipt lottery effective from February 2021 and still active. According to data from the Customs Agency, in March 2021 the monthly receipts associated with the lottery had been 25 thousand, a figure that dropped to 5,000 units last month. It should be noted – underlines the CGIA – that families in 2020 made monthly purchases of 12 billion euros of food and non-alcoholic drinks alone.

But the financial administration h162 databases are available with information on the income and consumption of Italians, explains the CGIA: It receives and catalogs billions of information that only a small part is able to “use” to combat tax evasion, which amounts to 105 billion euros each year. The state would therefore have the weapons to fight it, especially by making the 162 databases interact.

But on the ticket lotteryi there is an already written standard ready, to simplify it and make it more attractive since today it has a rather cumbersome mechanism. The win would become instantaneous, immediately discovering if you have won or not, but it will always be necessary to register with your tax code. He ensures it the undersecretary of the Mef Federico Freni: There is no political problem, the rule will be included in the first useful legislative measure, such as the Simplification dl.

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