The Weeknd becomes the most popular artist on Spotify!

The Weeknd is now the most popular artist on Spotify, dethroning Justin Bieber. Very good news for the singer!

The Weeknd is now the most popular artist of the Spotify platform. He dethroned his compatriot Justin Bieber in passing. MCE TV reveals everything!

A real success

The Weeknd now has the most monthly listeners on Spotify. With 85,667,564 listeners, he surpassed Justin Bieber.

He dethroned the husband of Hailey Bieber, who had 83.3 million monthly listeners on the Spotify platform. But although Bella Hadid’s ex took first place, he remains far from his compatriot.

Justin Bieber had reached the record of 94.6 million listeners. But, The Weeknd’s impressive numbers can be explained by the release of his latest album, Dawn FM.

After the release of his album After Hours, he confirmed that he was already recording new songs. But, he confided that he had deleted all the songs written during the pandemic to write new, happier ones.

A first single from this new album, Take My Breath, was unveiled in August. Then, the singer had released a second, Sacrifice, earlier this month. Next week, a third single, Out of Time, is planned.

Acclaimed by critics, the opus holds the score of 88 out of 100 awarded by Metacritic.

Has The Weeknd confirmed his relationship with Angelina Jolie?

The Weeknd unveiled his fifth album. Among the sixteen titles, a song appealed to the artist’s fans. He would refer to his relationship with Angelina Jolie. MCE TV tells you more!

After Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez, the Canadian artist would now be in a relationship with Angelina Jolie. If the actress has never confirmed their relationship, it seems that the singer has done in his place.

The song Here we go… Again, recorded with Tyler, The Creator, he would talk about his new companion: “ My new girlfriend, she’s a movie star […] I thought I’d never crack, but here we go again« .

Although her divorce from Brad Pitt is stormy, the actress would have fallen into the arms of The Weeknd. In September, photographers saw them leaving the same restaurant in Los Angeles.

“Angie and Abel both tell people they’re just friends, but those who know them think there’s something romantic going on. He is in awe of her, he charms and does everything to impress her, ”as reported Here.

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