The weather is crazy! Prof. Rachev forecasts up to 15 degrees in …

New Year’s time will be warm and relatively dry. There will be no snow. This is what the climatologist Prof. Georgi Rachev predicted on bTV.

He added that in Haskovo and Stara Zagora at midnight on January 1 we can expect temperatures in the range of 12-15 degrees.

“In recent years, we have a modern, warm winter and a modern spring, in which March and April are cooler than normal. In March last year there was more snow in Sofia than in the whole winter “, explained Prof. Rachev.

So far, according to him, there is no change of time. There will be positive temperatures in Sofia until January 6-7.

“Currently, the weather in the mountains is dangerous, especially for people who are not equipped,” said the climatologist.

The winter is expected to be slightly warmer than normal.


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