The war in Ukraine – Unknown problem:

Several Russian soldiers have refused to move to other areas in Ukraine, several media outlets write, including The Guardian.

Avisa writes that soldiers at a Russian brigade were told to get ready to move, but that several of them are said to have refused because they did not support the invasion.

A number of problems

On Telegram, pictures are now being shared of what will be contracts that new soldiers must sign in order to be recruited to the Russian forces.

– We do not know who received these. But there are a lot of attempts at recruitment – there is no doubt about that. In principle, Russia has a bit of the same system as everyone else. You can not send soldiers out to fight in other countries without signing a contract, such as in Norway, the retired lieutenant general, Arne Bård Dalhaug, explains to Dagbladet.

AZOV BATALIES: Must have stormed Russian positions Azovstal steel plant.
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Dalhaug lists a number of problems and challenges that Putin faces in potential recruitments.

– Now they are trying to recruit new soldiers through companies, mercenaries and the so-called Wagner groups without it working perfectly. The problem is that it is a huge challenge when you have to put them together in one department. That problem is big already.

– Why is it a problem?

– These are largely people who do not know each other from before, and it is not certain that they work well together from day one. It’s like buying a brand new football team. You can have many good players, but it is not a given that they will win everything to begin with, he believes.

SUPPORT: Vladimir Putin visited an injured Russian soldier back in 1999. Many are now unsure whether he will be able to recruit enough soldiers. Photo: REUTERS / NTB
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But the challenges do not stop there.

– The fact that it is recruited from several places in the world, means that there will also be major challenges when it comes to language, says Dalhaug.

– What kind of consequences can it have?

– It can affect both themselves and the civilians. How do you get orders if not everyone understands what is being said? How to give weapons training if soldiers do not understand what is being said? Many also underestimate the intense need for training that is necessary, he claims.

Limited willingness to fight

Already in the initial phase of the war, one was reported low morale among Russian soldiers. Videos of crying Russian prisoners of war allegedly calling home to their mothers went around the world, and several said they did not know where they were.

Dalhaug is aware that the situation will not get any better as long as Russia’s progress does not materialize.

– It has been a problem for a long time. The reason why it is so difficult to recruit is a clear indication that the will to fight is limited. It is a big thing from a person thinking that war is necessary, to the person being recruited and wanting to go to the front.

– I think Putin himself is afraid that the support does not go so deep that they can recruit anyone, Dalhaug concludes.

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