“The Walking Dead”: 5 characters who died too soon

“The Walking Dead” – 5 characters who shouldn’t have died

“The Walking Dead”: Glenn had to die miserably.

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T-Dog: He was there from the start and quickly became the darling of the audience with the easy-going slogan on his lips. His death in the third season is all the more serious. He selflessly sacrificed himself to save Carol and prevent more walkers from entering the prison. Today his willingness to help and go-getter mentality would certainly still be an advantage.

Abraham: A wolf in sheep’s clothing. The stocky, red-haired fighter wasn’t just one of the most accomplished soldiers. He always had an open ear and helped where he could. His death came out of the blue and will probably always be remembered for fans: Negan’s baseball bat Lucille crushed his skull in season seven. Today he might be a more suitable leader than Daryl.

Sasha: The weapons expert would have made an unbeatable duo with Abraham, but she sacrificed herself to give her friends a chance in the fight against Negan. At least there was a happy ending for actress Sonequa Martin-Green: Since 2017 she has been playing the main role in “Star Trek: Discovery”.

Merle: What kind of reinforcement would one man army Merle be today? Daryl’s brother had a mind of his own though – until he hit it. Merle was something of a villain in the first season. Actually, he was just a helpless social case, which one could feel sorry for. He is then killed by the Governor in season three. A little later, Daryl discovers him, who has now mutated into a walker, and kills him properly this time.

Glenn: He once saved the life of longtime protagonist Rick. However, he himself could not be saved. In season seven, he was killed by Negan’s baseball bat. Glenn had probably gone through the greatest character development – from shy trickster to caring protector. Particularly tragic: His wife Maggie had to watch helplessly as Negas split Glenn’s skull.

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