News The violence in Dijon, "are the responsibility of the...

The violence in Dijon, “are the responsibility of the State”, according to François Rebsamen


François Rebsamen confirmed this morning, things subside in the quarters previous, including Grésillestheatre many clashes and violence unseen this weekend and until the night of Monday to Tuesday.

“No developments on this night, I am very happy for the people, deeply traumatized by what they lived for four days. The presence of police and gendarmes, of course, is welcome, this is a moment that I asked these reinforcements, in particular, to cope with this horde of Chechens.”

The Grésilles, failure of the mandate Rebsamen ?

When asked about the violence in the district, beneficiaries of the policy of the city, François Rebsamen returns the responsibility to the representatives of the State. “It is a failure terrible for the city, I do not stigmatize neighborhoods, I esseie to bring together people, all people. Of course, that there is a responsibility for national policy, the law should apply, there must be suites because all of this is unacceptable.”

On the local level, the elected socialist is accused by some people of having abandoned the neighbourhood of Grésilles. But then again, it kicks into touch. “No don’t add, I’ll regularly see locals, on the market Thursday morning. It shows what area of the finger because you put a lot of money to allow him to evolve, to modernize, to have the public transport. I’m not saying that there is no problem, but the police must enforce the law.”

A police ineffective because insufficient in number according to François Rebsamen, who takes it to his main opponent in Dijon, Emmanuel Bichot, the candidate of the party to Act in the local elections : “it was critical, but he supported a government under Nicolas Sarkozy, who has removed 10.000 posts of police officers. Therefore, there is a lack of personnel in the police and in the justice. Do you know also that the prevention specialist has been removed by the department of Côte-d’or? no one has talked about, and this is where it starts, small delinquency. It is the policy of the State, I did not bother to say it. “

Non-previous present to Grésilles this weekend ?

According to the mayor of Dijon, the heavy weapons seen in videos shot Sunday evening to Grésilles do not belong to the young people of the district. It evokes a presence from outside. “I hear tell that there are a lot of heavy weapons, I’m sure a lot of young people were not in the neighbourhood of the Grésilles. These are not the people that I know, and so I’d like the survey to determine where they came from. I am told that many are those who came from the outside, by a call on the social networks. But if there are weapons, it is up to the police to act.


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