The video with the bats that spread on the web is not from there!


Two years after the pandemic, a Bulgarian is still waiting for his luggage from Wuhan, as he cannot travel there. The city has battled the virus and there are currently no positive cases, but it is still closed to tourists. The measures are draconian. Only locals can collect. This is what Stoyan Konev told Monitor, who found himself in the “epicenter” of the pandemic and managed to return to Bulgaria in February 2020.

His luggage is still there and he expects to be sent to him in a few months.

“At the moment I can’t travel to Wuhan, I need a good reason. There are a lot of requirements. You have to be Chinese or have relatives there, an official invitation, initially approved by the government. A photo of the lungs with a doctor’s opinion, and only “Two consecutive PCR tests are needed every other day, again from certain places. They must be done two weeks before the trip. A third PCR must be done 24 hours before the flight,” Stoyan explained. they also went through a 14-day quarantine at a hotel on arrival in the main cities.

Then follows another quarantine, of seven days, again in a hotel, but in the last destination. And all this at their own expense.

“I used to go for Chinese New Year and now I’m very angry that I can’t be there. Otherwise, people have returned to the normal rhythm of life – restaurants and clubs are open. However, to be admitted, you need a certificate again. “They are strict there, if there is only one positive case, they immediately close the whole city. They declare a complete lockdown,” Stoyan explained.

He said that the children are currently attending school there.

Masks are not mandatory, but they are worn en masse.

“Masked people were walking in Wuhan even before the pandemic, it’s common for them,” he said.

As for the video, which was shared on social networks some time ago and was claimed to be from the market in Wuhan, Stoyan categorically stated that the footage was not from there.

“There are many markets there. The video that was distributed on the Internet, however, is not even from China. The video even showed money in the cameraman’s wallet and the banknotes were blue. In China, the banknotes are red. Wuhan is a metropolis – it’s all the same “There are no such markets.” Stoyan explained. He hopes to be able to travel again and go there soon because he likes not only the city but also the people.

“The Chinese are nice and good, only in Wuhan they are a little more special. I can compare with the people of Sofia and Pernik. They burn more easily. They are more temperamental. But I really want to go again,” he said.

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