The US embassy denies having led Gemcorp to sign in the Council of Ministers

Assen Vassilev defended the memorandum, explaining that they had been brought by the US embassy

“The US embassy’s commercial attache is not present at the signing of the memorandum with the government.” This is said in response to the American Embassy in Bulgaria to bTV.

On March 23, in the presence of the Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, the Minister of Energy Alexander Nikolov signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Gemcorp Capital Management Ltd. and IP3 Corporation.

Russian oligarch Albert Avdolyan is behind the Gemcorp fund.

However, Deputy Prime Minister Asen Vassilev denied there was a problem. He said a few days ago that “the presence of a trade attaché at an embassy in negotiations with the government is a sufficient guarantee that a foreign country is behind the company or fund.”

“Gemcorp came to us with representatives of the American embassy,” the deputy prime minister told Nova TV in connection with the memorandum of cooperation for an investment of $ 1 billion in clean energy.

“No representative of the US government has advocated on behalf of Gemcorp to any member of the Bulgarian government. We believe that the allegations to the contrary are the result of a misunderstanding, “the embassy said in a response to television.

The document regulates the cooperation between the countries on the planning and implementation of projects for clean energy production, alternative and strategic gas supplies, security of energy supply, clean energy, development of nuclear energy.

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