the United States provides 2 million doses of vaccine to Kenya and Mauritania

The United States will provide nearly 2 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to Kenya and Mauritania, a White House official told AFP on Monday. These doses are sent through the international Covax mechanism, set up for poor countries, and should arrive at their destination on Monday.

Kenya is the recipient of 1,368,900 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, while Mauritania is to receive 100,620 doses of Pfizer and 504,000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

While the difference in vaccination rates between developed and less developed countries, particularly in Africa, remains glaring, Mauritania is relatively well off, with 21% of its population fully vaccinated, according to Johns Hopkins University. The rate in Kenya reaches 10%, according to the same source.

The United States, which in the words of President Joe Biden prides itself on being the“arsenal of the world in terms of vaccines, pledged to donate a total of more than 1 billion doses to poor countries, of which 390 million have now been shipped.

The White House official claimed that these donations were “without conditions”, a term often repeated by the Biden administration, anxious to distinguish itself from the “vaccine diplomacy” which it implicitly accuses China of carrying out.

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