The United States is developing measures to support Bulgaria after the cessation of gas supplies from Russia – Society

“The United States is developing measures to support Bulgaria following the cessation of gas supplies from Russia,” US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Karen Donfried said today.

She spoke at a hearing in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which was broadcast live on the Congress website, BTA reported.

“I want to make it clear that President Joe Biden’s administration fully supports Bulgaria,” Donfried said.

She recalled that Russia has decided to suspend gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria.

“Poland is already moving towards giving up Russian energy, so it can handle this relatively well. Bulgaria is much more vulnerable,” Donfried said.

She stressed the strong support Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov received during his visit to the United States this week.

Petkov met with US Vice President, contracts gas supplies at prices lower than Gazprom’s

“I have colleagues who work literally every day with Prime Minister Petkov to help Bulgaria consider how to deal with how we can help them secure the necessary supplies,” Donfried said.

She pointed out that in general, the United States seeks to assist European countries in their search for alternative energy suppliers.

“I think our role here is to help Europeans find alternative suppliers. And American liquefied natural gas plays a key role here,” Donfried concluded.

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