The unexpected end of Lumír and Tondy’s action, who will give a kiss and who will start the campaign against Magda?

What will happen in the Street this week? On Monday, Věrka and Luboš will go for a walk and Karla will not be thrilled at all. On Tuesday, Vítek will show us where his priorities are and what Iva won’t just try? Lumír and Tond’s event from last week will have its unexpected finish on Wednesday. And what awaits the other inhabitants of the series Street? You’ll find out soon enough.


How much do we guard our privacy from people who are not our loved ones? How sensitive are we to family-only information? While it takes Karle a while to get someone closer to her body and start trusting him, Věrka and Luboš are not so vigilant. What Karla considers to be purely confidential information about her family, in which no one cares, they unfortunately reveal in the heat of the matter to someone in front of whom Karla is watching, to someone who cares too much about her to her taste – Jakub. When Karel accidentally finds out how much Věrka and Luboš let go of their walks, they will see in red. And he immediately starts acting… What will Karla do? How sharp can she be when it comes to her children or her relationship with Mara?


Why don’t we sometimes tell our partners the whole truth, even though we don’t have any secrets from them? What can the cause of trying to help someone who is close to us and finds himself in a difficult life situation? Although Vítek no longer works at the bank, he did not sever contact with his colleague Dita. She still considers her a friend she definitely won’t cough up when she’s miserable and needs support. And because he doesn’t work anywhere yet, he’ll do much more for her than his wife would like. At the same time, he hopes that Iva, who is jealous of Dita, will not know anything. Unfortunately for him, everything breaks, moreover, in a way that is a clear signal for Iva, what are Vítek’s priorities… What doesn’t Iva just try? How much support is Vítek Ditě? And what will it do to each other?


What are the unexpected consequences of one men’s ride that has spiraled out of control? How can everything happen when a person sighs that the danger of disclosure and subsequent trouble at home has been averted? Lumír and Tonda Hložánek spent a very wild night a week ago, from which they unfortunately do not remember anything. An even bigger surprise awaits them now, when the girls Zdeněk and Stánňa, who are completely unknown to them, suddenly appear in the bistro, claiming that they came at their invitation. And they immediately approach them in such a way that it’s clear that the two are no longer playing, that their biggest nightmare is materializing. In addition, the ladies in question demand a promised meeting with their idol – Václav Noid Bárta… Why will Lumír and Tonda have a stroke? What do they have no idea about? And how will the promised meeting with our musical and rock star turn out?


What is a parent who is trying to make paths for his child at all costs? How can children get away with confiding in their parents, especially when the stories are very colorful compared to what actually happened? The school has been stuffy for a long time because of Žofka, who in an effort to be the center of attention inadvertently flooded not only Anežka and Čend, but also Magda and Prokop. Magda in particular lies in the stomach of Žofka’s mother, who thinks that she has sat on her daughter. Although Magda tries to explain to her how things really are, Žofka’s mother trusts her daughter so much that she starts a campaign against Magda with only one goal – to remove her from her daughter’s life… What will she do? To what extent is her war personal, even though she herself claims that it is not? And what will be the consequences of her efforts?


What does the date of birth suggest about us? What can be read from the horoscope? And what false hopes can it raise? Vanda is more and more enchanted by Evžen. He thinks he’s free, that it’s a closed chapter between him and Blanka. Unfortunately, he interprets his almost fatherly effort to help and be her support. She thinks that Evžen is like her, that she is not indifferent to him, and that something is emerging between them that could be a nice relationship. After all, even the stars are in their favor. And you don’t lie… What is a confirmation for Vanda that he is on the right track with Eugene? What can he do thanks to him? And how do others take them?

TV Nova broadcasts the premiere episodes of Street from Monday to Friday in the early evening from 6:25 pm and is available to viewers on Voyo one week in advance.

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