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The UN warns that the coronavirus can create a “pandemic of hunger’ in Latin America | Univision network News Health


On Tuesday, Florida turned to beat his record of new positive cases of coronavirus, the register 2,783 new cases, according to official figures.

In addition to the new cases, reported 55 new deaths in the state.

In the section of hospital stays, in these moments there are 12,206 patients admitted by coronavirus.

The continued increase of cases in the state has raised criticism against the governor Desantis.

Florida has registered on 17 occasions in the last 19 days at least a thousand cases a day or more of coronavirus, according to AP.

While DeSantis argues that the number of new cases is due to the increase of tests carried out, the reality indicates that the percentage of positive results is now 6% compared to 2.3% at the end of may.


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